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Greenstar Solar Inc. develops Renewable energy projects in the U. S. and abroad. We are based in San Antonio. Texas. Greenstar Solar Inc, providing project development, Energy brokerage, LED Consulting to a diverse customer base of commercial, nonprofit, utility, and government clients.

Greenstar Solar Inc. ensures that its customize renewables energy solutions reduce the cost to a level where it can compete financially with other generation technologies, bringing economic development to underserved areas and increasing the use of green energy.


Develop Utility-Scale and Renewable Generation Projects.

Through our partnerships, GreenStar Solar is looking to acquire Renewable projects that are in the beginning stages of development and partner with companies to help complete projects.


We have the experience and capability to secure all permiting and approvals from government and regulatory entities. As a result, GreenStar Solar can perform all the necessary services in complete renewables and energy storage system projects in the U.S. and abroad.


The renewable industry has seen rapid growth over the past decade, and a major contributing factor has been then surge in solar & wind farms and the deployment of Led light fixtures popping up across the globe.

Project Development

Developing a P.V. project is a process involving many stages and requires a multidisciplinary team of experts. Greenstar Solar Inc. is a leading energy development company; we are uniquely positioned to deliver the highest quality service across diverse markets; we develop all our projects to the international best standards.

It is essential to involve residents at an early stage to create awareness and acceptance for the construction of an Energy Project; this is why we aim at a fair exchange with municipalities, landowners, and citizens.

Greenstar Solar Inc. is above standard when it comes to the quality and reliability of plant planning. To protect nature, we plan compensatory measurements for Energy Projects together with consultants and public authorities.

  • Defining your Renewable Energy Project.
  • Comprehensive energy production & Economic Analysis.
  • Detailed site Assessment and Feasibility Studies.
  • Our ability to deliver low-cost Energy Plant.

Not tied to any particular manufacturer and is, therefore, able to source the best solution in the market at any time.

Brokerage Services

Greenstar Solar Inc. connects with business owners with a portfolio of businesses, or multiple commercial assets, adding significant value to each organization. Supporting energy companies to run RFP’s on best energy rates, terms, and conditions for, numerous businesses with significant energy overhead managing your entire portfolio.

LED Consulting

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Case Studies

Sonora Project

Utiity-Scale Solar, Road y Security Lighting, Cameras and Asset Protection Installation:

  • 170 MW of Utility Grade dual axis Solar.
  • 75.000 LED Luminaires.
  • 7.000 Hot Spot I.P Cameras.


  • Provide all power needed to operate the irrigation system for 45.000 hectares.
  • Provide energy-efficient security lighting for the entire agricultural region.
  • Direct impact on approximately 998.000 people living and working in the region.
  • Is the initial phase of a much larger economic development project.

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